EA is the worst company in America, and the waitress putting 2 sugars in my coffee instead of 1 is the worst thing that ever happened to any human being, ever.

The first time I felt deeply, truly ashamed of being a gamer is when I witnessed the Mass Effect 3 ending backlash.  Having just finished it and believing the ending was "not the greatest thing but ok anyway", I thought the level of backlash was just unbelievable.

There is something that's becoming the norm, and I find quite upsetting: flash mob mentality.  An issue doesn't exist, then it's the most important issue in the history of mankind and the person the mob points to as evil must be destroyed, then the issue disappears almost completely.  Usually we're talking 2 weeks for the whole process.

So the Ocean Marketting guy was a fucking dick, the Pycon gal was a stupid cunt.  EA is a bad company (they even named one of their battlefield game after that fact *badum tish*).  Is the backlash received warranted?  Nope.

Guys and gals receive death threats, threats of violence, phone calls in the middle of the night (Ocean Marketting guy's private home address and phone was divulged to the mob, for fuck's sake).  Now EA is voted worst company in America by consumerist users.

Banking and telecommunications oligopolies, have no fear.  The mobs of the internet will save you from being exposed, by pointing fingers to faulty and annoying DRM schemes.  I'm sure a lot of jokes are being told in a lot of corridors of a lot of actually bad companies about them being "not so bad".

I leave you with this fake response from EA, which as far as I'm concerned could be a real one, and I would admire their balls (although it would be corporate suicide): http://www.dorkly.com/article/51363/eas-reponse-to-being-named-the-worst-company-in-america

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