Game of Thrones Ascent: Why do I care about this?

So every facebook/social/web game is pretty much the same.  You click something, a timer starts, you wait a certain amount of time, you click something else.  Never saw the point.  Never played any of them.

When Game of Thrones Ascent launched, being a somewhat excessive GoT series fan, I thought I would give it a go.

Being one of the Lords of Westeros had a certain appeal, so I went in.  Although it was fine in the beginning, I quickly found out I was sort of fly on the wall for every single scene of the series.  Turns out, in this game, you're not a Lord of Westeros with your own set of problems and issues.  You're just a side character to the series, popping into every scene, even those that wouldn't concern you at all, and you make calls that can't possibly change the story (because it's the main arc).

So Catelyn Starke captured Tyrion Lannister.  What do I care?  Viserys was butchered by the Dothraki hordes.  So what?  I'm neither a Lannister, or a Targaryen.  I'm a Baratheon bannerman.

They clearly went though a lot of trouble researching and writing all of this.  But why?  I'm still playing.  But I'm also starting to wonder why.  Where's my story in all of this?

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