Amazon, UPS, the pits.

Conversation with an amazon rep about UPS.  Trying not to give that guy too much grief, but at the same time, this is so irritating.

You are now connected to Devi Priyanka from Amazon.ca.
Me:I've been a long-time customer of Amazon, but seriously if you keep using UPS to ship your stuff, I'll have to stop ordering from you. They can't deliver anything without it turning into a fight for my stuff. Ordering online is supposed to be simple, but as soon as a package falls into their hand it's a guaranteed struggle. Go back to Canada Post. Please.
Devi Priyanka:Hello, my name is Devi . I'll be happy to help you.
I'm really sorry for the experience you had with the carrier.
Just to confirm, are you referring to the order ######### ?
Me:Yes. Take a look at the manifest from the carrier: ############
On 12/11/2012:20:53 I requested an address change. Yet today they attempted a delivery at the exact same address
Devi Priyanka:Please give me a minute, I'm checking that for you, Christian.
Me:And now they claim that "as requested by the customer, the receiver will pickup at a UPS facility". This is false, I never requested anything like that.
Devi Priyanka:I'm so sorry for that.
In this case let me check with the carrier if they can make the next delivery attempt.
Devi Priyanka:I'll check with them and I;ll send you the confirmatuion email within 1-2 hours.
In case, if the carrier is unable to do so, would it be possible for you to pick it up from thee carrier location?
Me:Their location so far out of the way that it's pretty much unthinkable
Devi Priyanka:I'm really sorry for that.
In that case, if they're unable to redeliver the package, I'll create a replacement for this order.
Would that be fine for you, Christian/
Me:It used to be Amazon shipped via Canada Post. Canada Post has facilities all over town and it's super easy and convenient to get your stuff when they can't reach you. UPS doesn't respond properly to exceptions, they can't process simple requests like address changes.
And most important they can't deliver
If you file a replacement order the same thing will happen.
They'll mess it up again.
Devi Priyanka:I completely understand your concern. Unfortunately, we do not have an option to refer a specific carrier, however, I'll pass it on to the right people in our company for taken in to consideration.
Me:I'm tired of talking to them on the phone every order I place. Their job is to get your stuff to me. They can't do their job.
Devi Priyanka:I'll certainly pass this on to our shipping department to make necessary action against this carrier.
Me:As long as the replacement order is free, in a way I don't care, it'll just bounce back if they can't be bothered to do their job
Devi Priyanka:Also, If you won't be home when you expect the delivery, you might want to leave a note asking the driver to leave the package with a neighbor or building manager. Otherwise, it may be easier to have the package delivered to your business address instead.
Sure thing.
Me:The address change was to tell them to deliver to my work instead. But now there's a new policy at work about no personal deliveries, so everytime I do that I get in trouble.
Devi Priyanka:I will create a replacement at free of cost for you. Also, I noticed that Logitech USB Headset H390 is Temporarily out of stock with us.
Me:Yeah I ordered the last one.
Devi Priyanka:In case, if they are unable to make the delivery, I will issue refund for the item which is unavailable and create the replacement for the available items.
I will try our best to ask the carrier to redeliver the package.
I will check with them and send you the confirmation e-mail within 1 - 2 hours,
Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Is there anything else I can do for you today?
Me:It's annoying to me because I ordered that set, you had it in stock and because of these idiots I won't have it.
I'll only conclude with reiterating that UPS is poisoning your business. I used to love shopping at Amazon, now it's just painful.
Devi Priyanka:I completely understand your concern, Christian. We will certainly take necessary action against this carrier.
Me:And whenever I complain about UPS on my social network, I always get supporting comments.
So, I'll be waiting for your mail.
Devi Priyanka:yes, you can expect my e-mail within 1 - 2 hours.
Me:Thank you.
Devi Priyanka:Thank you for contacting Amazon.ca. We hope to see you again soon! Please click the end chat link to close this window.


Seb said...

And the answer of the Amazon CSR after 1-2 hours was?
I also have to say that Canada Post is much easier to use than the other carriers.

Unknown said...

I received a mail from them saying they would try again to deliver the next day. Of course this is a "don't reply to this mail" answer. So my (obvious) question was "To the original address or the new one?" remained unanswered until the next day, when they finally delivered at the second address. Got in trouble a bit (not supposed to have stuff delivered there) but I guess I'll survive. At the end of the day, the truth is that I always have a nagging feeling that I should no longer order from amazon because of this, and this undoubtedly leads to loss of sales.