Kickstart your health?

I recently donated to indiegogo's Let's build a God Damned Tesla Museum campaign.  But that's not what this post is about.  When I started to browse the different campaigns on indiegogo, I was struck by a bunch of them that are about helping someone recover from an accident or illness, paying for medical bills and so on.

I'm sort of sad and revolted that these things exist.  In my book, internet fundraising campaigns are often a sort of lottery, where if you push the right button of the right person at the right time and they make the right tweet about it, you make a million dollars.  If not, you make next to squat.

I'm fine with that when the projects are things like videogames or books or bands or even museums.  But are we looking at a healthcare lottery?  These campaigns have videos and pictures and such.  So as a "consumer of good feelings" you can pick and choose who gets cured and who doesn't based on how photogenic these people were prior to their horrible accident and/or illness.  Maybe add how they voted at the last election?  Their favourite bands?  How about a reality show?  Vote who gets to keep that kidney.  10 cents per call!

I do not harbour hard feelings toward the people who launch these campaigns (as long as they're legitimate).  Some of them are genuinely in need of money to get their loved ones back on track.  But I could never donate to any one of them.  Health care is a basic, fundamental right.

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