Site facelift

christianboutin.com is dead, long live christianboutin.com! After months of having a harder and harder time looking at my website without wincing, I've decided to give it a long-overdue facelift. But because all of my time is taken by Tales of the USCA, the only thing I could do was simply turn it into a standardised blog-type website.

Improvements include a new color scheme (one of the basic templates of blogspot, for now at least), but more importantly a fixed-width layout. The other would stretch forever to fill up the screen, and made reading blog entries on bigger widescreen monitors a giant pain. I also added, on the right pane, my identities across the web. Looking for me on facebook? The link is there. Twitter, LinkedIn, Xbox Live and so on. That should make me easier to find.

I should at the very least be more tempted to blog more often, now that entries won't be such a pain to read! Catch you somewhere on the web...

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