No login: A world turned upside-down

I was getting a bit annoyed with always having to enter a login to load my Vista and 7 machine. It's not like there's anyone else in here who's going to be using those machines, and if they do what could they find, really? So I decided to do away with requiring login on my PCs at home. I had already done it with my Ubuntu UNR netbook and it was quite easy and at quite the obvious place. So obvious in fact that I forgot it as something so obvious it was useless to memorize it.

I started to dig through the menus of both my Vista and 7 machines. But that option was nowhere to be found. So I looked online and pretty much all tutorials on how to do this include typing a cryptic command in the command prompt or start menu search box (namely something called netplwiz).

Interesting. Ubuntu Linux, easy. Windows, hard. Are we looking at a time when the bloated nature of Windows catches up to it? It will be interesting to see where that goes.

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