Fantasia : L Change the World, Chanbara Beauty, Roborock and Be a Man! Samurai School.

Not a single bad choice this year it would seem.

L : Change the World wasn't as good as either of the Death Note movies, but Ken'ichi Matsuyama once again so brilliantly portrays the misfit genius L that he makes it all worthwhile. Fans of the anime will also see a broader use of the universe of Death Note, namely the Wammy's House and its members. It's good, but not great.

Chanbara Beauty is what you would expect. Attractive women kicking ass against the zombie hordes. What's not to like? The darkness in which the movie often takes place originally led me to believe there was something wrong with the projector, but it wasn't the case. Fortunately, a big chunk of the movie takes place during the day, which helps the audience appreciate the visuals. The final battle has a very anime-esque side to it which I haven't seen that much before.

Roborock is extremely cool and stylish. It suffers from a few pacing issue, abusive use of flashbacks and a slight lack of focus, or at least misplaced focus. Still, it's overall one of the better Fantasia movies I've seen this year.

Tak Sakaguchi was on hand, as cool as ever, to show us Be a Man! Samurai School. Tak is well known (Death Trance, Battlefield Baseball, Shinobi, many others) and he was really beyond cool, showing up in costume and performing planned action choregraphies on stage. The movie itself was machist, hilarious and full of pretty solid action. Though the first half, where the students are at school, was definately better than the second half, in which they have to fight for survival.

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