Fantasia : Disciplines of the 36th Chamber, Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge and Sukiyaki Western Django

Wow! I notice my last blog post is almost a year old and about Fantasia. It's as though there isn't much else to report! Truth is, I'm extremely busy with Tales of the USCA, and keep that blog well-fed.

This year's fantasia won't get detailed reviews on this blog. Just quick notes, and here are the reports for week 1:

Disciplines of the 36th chamber : This year's Shaw Brothers movie. One of the better ones, but certainly not as good as Heroes of the East.

Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge : My own personal favorite so far, and probably my favorite romantic comedy of all times, with Shaun of the Dead. But the coming-of-age aspect of it makes it a bit better I think. I loved it.

Sukiyaki Western Django : My main gripe with the movie is with the decision to shoot it in english. It's always weird to listen to people who don't appear to know what the hell they're talking about. But that was required in order to stick in all the classic spaghetti western quotes in there. Overall a pretty decent film with interesting characters. Takashi Miike is awesome.

There you have it folks. Week two coming soon...

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Great! We're Miike fans too.