Bumping off the Linux rant

Just bumping off my last Linux rant. Shortly after that rant I pulled Xubuntu off the computer and went back to good old reliable but slow Ubuntu. So far so good. I didn't try to mess with automatix or what not. I managed to install and run Azureus with the latest Sun Java (that was a major pain in the ass) and aMule. Not too bad. I'm looking a bit into freespire. It looks as easy as Ubuntu but doesn't delve into the "completely free" rhetoric that will, eventually, drag Ubuntu down in the mud. A perfect quote I read about freespire : "People want a computer that works, not a computer that makes them work." So far Linux and Ubuntu has done more of the latter than of the former. Let's see this thing unfold. One thing for sure, Linux is part of my network now, for better and for worst.

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