Yet another linux rant.

I've had it with that muthafucking Linux on that muthafucking computer. Linux may be a great command-line OS (like DOS used to be with my great ancestors painted cave walls) but it is absolutely abysmal as a desktop GUI os. Case in point. I have 1 Linux box. It's a Xubuntu box. Its purpose is one fold : Serve as a place for all my downloaded crap. It has 1 hard drive for the OS, and one shared hard-drive, called Q. No matter what computer I use on my network, I download crap on this drive so it can be accessed by all the other computers. The system itself runs TWO applications : aMule and Azureus. Those download various podcasts and p2p files and the like. The computer does NOTHING ELSE. I don't install ANYTHING else on it, in fact I rarely ever use it except for the very very rare, occasional firefox browsing whenever my other computers are off and I need to find something out quickly.

This computer runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's never off. Once in a while, it will get abysmally slow. Fair enough, windows does the same thing. So I reboot it and everything is fine.

Every so often, when I boot it, it will only see half of my Q drive, the other half is just missing. For no reason at all. First few time I panicked, rebooted, and the other half was there. So it became part of the process. Reboot/verify/be happy.

Today it was running slow as it often does. I reboot it, and lo and behold, the Xfce title bar is gone, the task bar below is gone. Both Azureus and aMule run in the upper-left corner of the screen with no menu bar and no way to move them around or close them. Now if that had happened after I downloaded and/or installed a bunch of suspicious applications or some bullshit I would've blamed them, or myself.

Thing is, this computer DOES NOTHING, it just needs to BOOT for crying out loud. Is it really too much to ask that it doesn't break itself just by being plugged in the wall? I can only imagine what a nightmare it would be if I actually USED the damn thing.

Maybe replacing Ubuntu with Xubuntu was one of the greatest mistakes in my Linux life. Perhaps this underground branch of the Ubuntu core is just not well developed and supported. But since it was an older, slower machine it sounded like a good idea at the time. All I know is that I will toss out several hours of my life, trying to get this do-nothing computer to do it's nothing again. Oh well.

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