Look me up in the Gulf of Oman

Downloaded the demo of Battlefield 2. Like it so far. Not enough people use voicechat I find. Squad and strategic features are also underused. Maybe it's all too new. Look me up, I'm Sheng Han Abdoulette.

Update : Finally had two awesome experiences. One as part of a squad that used voicechat extensively, we were really really working out as part of a team (malarkey###, a few others). Unfortunately the team commander was silent and passive, so the next game I got to be commander and it really rocked because 3 of the 5 squad leaders were using voicechat so the effort was coordinated like I've never seen in Battlefield. Integrated voicechat is IMO the defining upgrade since 1942. Strategic mode and homing missiles rank second. Can't wait for the real deal.

BTW the demo is buggy, first release will probably be buggy. Already looking forward to the patches :-)

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