The OSP Complete Archive is out!

I'm pleased to announce the release of "The OSP Complete Archive". This CD-ROM contains every game that's ever been developed by OSP Enr. as well as prototypes and cinematics of never-released games. The CD-ROM is available from cafepress.com and costs 14.99$. The official website is up so you can check it out. If you see any broken link or whatnot please let me know. Thanks!


Check out Ubuntu

I was recently toying with a great number of Linux distributions for a very specific task. The task was to turn my old 350mhz computer into a Samba server without really learning Linux (that'll come later). While installing and uninstalling a variety of distros I stumbled upon Ubuntu. It was love at first sight. This distribution is highly evolved (it can be updated as easily as Windows XP). It looks absolutely gorgeous and through it's very helpful website I managed to get it to do exactly what I wanted with a minimum of command-line interventions. If you're looking to get into Linux, I highly recommend Ubuntu.