San Francisco 2010, debriefing.

Here are a few bullet points about my trip to San Francisco. Will elaborate on each in future posts.

* Air Travel: This was my first shot at air travel. Found out there's really nothing to it. Though I did miss my transfer to Montreal at Toronto, it was no big deal. Flew United to go and Air Canada on the way back.

* The City: San Francisco is probably one of the best city on the continent. Perfect climate, no freeze, ocean close-by, decent public transit. But lots and lots of hills.

* The GDC: With the rise of portable technology and social gaming, the GDC is more relevant to my job than ever before. Learned a lot, will make a presentation to my colleagues later.

Few things to note:

- Became sick with the cold 2 days before I left. This was (and still is) the worst cold I got and I dragged it all along my trip. Rested more than I wanted. Was less social than I would've wanted.

- Did not have time to rent a car and go North. Would've needed an extra day.

- Of course I tried the In-Out Burger.

- Tried to go to Cheesecake Factory on Geary. It was way too full.

- Best Tourist Moment: Visiting an actual in-water WWII submarine anchored in the San Francisco Bay.

- Best GDC Speak: Realtime Metrics by Zynga, the makers of Farmville. Holy smoke!

- Purchases: Didn't buy much. A DVD in Japantown and a set of action figures in Chinatown.

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Francis K. Lalumiere said...

You're not social, dude.