Resurrecting the archive... again

There's been a few sales of the OSP Complete Archive CD-ROM on cafepress. But this is the information age, and the CD-ROM may not be the optimal way of distribution anymore. The OSP Complete Archive just went digital! visit http://christianboutin.com/osparchive and click on "BUY NOW", you'll have a choice to get all those older games for 5.99$ instead of 14.95$ for the CD-ROM. Also, the first 100 customers to type in the coupon code WALL-32RF-BRTK will get 1$ off, how cool is that?


Lothalis said...

I just picked up a copy for the champions of zulula series of games, they were my favorite when I was younger, but i never got a full copy always a Demo. But now thanks to this release I have the game that I loved to play. Thanks for relesing this.

Is there any hope for a "revival" for the series? I was looking it up an quite a few people would love to see it re-made, including gamespot: http://www.gamespot.com/users/The_Frederick/show_blog_entry.php?topic_id=m-100-24929764

Again thanks alot, and good luck on the archangel chapter, it seemed that it fell down before it lifted.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the purchase! Glad you liked that little game. No plan in the short term for a remake/re-release. I'm knee-deep in the development of Tales of the USCA (http://usca.exequor.com). But since you're not the first one to ask, maybe I'll make time for it once I ship that game out! Thanks again!

Sslaxx said...

Looks interesting. I remember playing Walls of Bratock, going to plonk down a few quid.