Vote, and don't vote like a retard

In two days is the provincial election. As always not a lot is at stake, and at the same time, with every election no matter the level, everything is at stake. You might be tempted not to vote. Don't take the easy way out. Get off your butt and go to the polls. Every elections we have a chance to show the powers that be what we think of them. There is only one good way to vote, visit the parties' websites, read their platform, and pick what YOU think makes the most sense. Most people add tons of strategic layers on top of that very basic electoral concept. I like party B, but I'll vote for party C otherwise party A will win and thus I'll have wasted my vote. This kind of thinking is highly unhealthy and plays no small role in the lack of progress our country and province go through. It also benefits the corrupt old parties and the money-backed far-right newcomer. The media, through polls, dictate the line the people must follow, and the people vote for those parties that get the most exposure.

Let's do something revolutionary and actually vote for the party we find the best. Don't vote like a retard.

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