G4 didn't kill them folks

Last year when G4 engulfed TechTV and destroyed it, many of us mourned what was the death of a close friend. TechTV's flagship show The Screen Savers was first revamped into a pseudo-technological show, and was more recently completely destroyed and replaced by a trendy teenager-targeting "entertainment" show called "Attack of the Show". When The Screen Savers was at it's peak, it featured what I thought was the greatest tech/geek information/entertainment bunch I'd ever seen. Well, that optimal Screen Savers team is back together publishing a weekly audio podcast called "This Week in Tech". TwiT as they call it is a very entertaining and, more importantly, informative radio show that features content similar to the old Screen Savers. Check it out!

Also, Kevin Rose, another former Screen Saver who's also on the TwiT cast, has also launched his own television podcast called systm. Check it out!

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